Małymi Kroczkami

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Contact details and recruitment

We welcome children 2.5 years old or older in our preschool.


The first days of preschool education may be difficult for a child, so we welcome parents to accompany and help their child adapt to the situation. The adaptation process is customised to the individual needs of each child.


Montessori Preschool
Małymi Kroczkami

Kraków, ul. Klemensa Janickiego 1a lok. U4


Tel.: 609 652 478




How to enrol a child in our preschool?

Meeting in person with both parents and the child is of critical importance to us. This is why after receiving a completed application form, we will invite you to a meet with us. This is the opportunity for you to experience our preschool, meet our staff and learn about our approach. The time and date of the meeting will be arranged well in advance so that we can give you our full attention with time to discuss all specific issues of interest.