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Our preschool

Our aim is not merely to make the child understand, and still less to force him to memorize, but so to touch his imagination
as to enthuse him to his innermost core.

Maria Montessori

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Our curriculum guidelines

The preschool years are of crucial importance to personal development. This is because development is at its most intense between the ages of 1 and 6. In this period, the child develops social and emotional competencies, learns extensively and develops mobility. It is also the time when skills, talents and interests appear. Attending preschool is beneficial for the child’s comprehensive development. It helps the child acquire key competencies, skills and abilities essential for further achievement and learning in later years.

Our main goal is to shape the child’s attitudes and qualities in ways, which will provide for active participation in society in the future.

This is why we make a special effort to provide children with:

  • a safe and friendly environment
  • an atmosphere of acceptance for building self-esteem
  • emotional resilience
  • opportunities to build positive social relations
  • opportunities to develop self-reliance, tolerance, empathy and assertiveness.

In the early years, the social and emotional development of the child is as important as intellectual development. Our basic assumption is that learning is by doing. This means children acquire knowledge and practical skills through their own actions. Our task is to provide children with better educational opportunities by supporting their natural curiosity using Montessori teaching materials.

In our work:

We create an environment of acceptance, respect, joy and security, in which the teacher’s role is that of a guide, carer and observer.

We adjust ourselves to the individual rhythm of the child.

We support children in developing their talents and provide special support for children with difficulties.

We create the space in which children learn about the world through experiences using all their senses

We organize the child’s surroundings in ways that provide support for individualised development, stimulating knowledge acquisition and improving skills.


Our curriculum is based on the internationally recognised Montessori Method. We supplement the core curriculum prepared by the Polish Ministry of Education with thematic preschool educational activities. Children learn about the world through experience, meeting interesting people, visiting interesting places and participating in creative activities. In order to wake the child’s sensitivity to music, passion for singing, playing instruments, dancing, movement and creative expression, our educational activities alternate with physical, musical and arts and crafts activities. Our preschool helps children to understand natural phenomena, to develop cognitive competence in mathematics and language, to develop motor skills, sensitivity to art and teaches respect for plants and animals.

Our preschool enables children to develop their potential to the fullest in the most critical development period of their lives.



Our preschool day plan:


7.30 - 10.00

  • individual and small group work using Montessori teaching materials

10.00 - 10.30

  • group game play and musical and rhythmic activities


  • mid-morning meal

11.00 - 12.30

  • educational activities, group play and games, playing in the garden or walks


  • lunch

13.30 - 14.00

  • reading stories, relaxation activities

14.00 - 15.00

  • activities based on Montessori teaching materials, group work, additional activities

15.00 - 15.15

  • afternoon snack

15.15 - 17.30

  • playtime – indoors or outdoors (weather permitting)


Specialist care:


The support of a speech therapist and a psychologist is of crucial importance in preschool education. This is why our offer includes consultations with specialists for both children and their parents. This consultation is offered within the tuition fee. Therapists can work individually or in small groups with children who need additional support, depending on the situation and parental decision. Parents can book an appointment to meet our speech therapist and psychologist for consultation.


Our preschool can cater for children with special educational needs, who are able to attend regular preschool where support of a dedicated assistant teacher can be provided. Support for a child with developmental problems provided by our preschool can take the form of special activities designed to enhance the child’s development (run by a speech therapist, psychologist or special needs educator) and individual support provided to the child by an assistant teacher who helps with educational activities and involving the child in play and games with other children. Recruitment of children with special needs consists of a few stages. These include the child’s parents meeting the headmistress, analysis of documents provided by the parents, psychological and pedagogical observation of the child during individual work and group activities in the preschool. This process is consistent with our philosophy of devoting special attention to the needs and individual potential of each child. Our goal is to provide each child with optimal conditions for personal development and education.




The ‘Alma Verde’ catering service provides our preschool with healthy and tasty meals, ensuring a well-balanced diet suitable for preschool children. Meals for children with allergies are customised to their needs.

If a child is absent, then the whole daily catering fee is refunded, providing we are notified the previous day.


Tuition fees for 2019/20 are as follows:


  • 750 PLN application fee (one-time payment on registration)
  • 750 PLN monthly tuition to be paid no later than the 5th day of every month
  • 10% discount for siblings
  • discount for children with a certificate attesting to special educational needs


  • 13 PLN per day (including mid-morning meal, lunch and afternoon snack)

Our tuition fee covers the following:

  • Education and care provided by qualified and experienced staff
  • Education in a safe, friendly and attractive environment using Montessori teaching materials
  • Education in compliance with the core curriculum developed by the Polish Ministry of Education
  • English taught according to the Montessori Method (lessons twice a week run by a qualified preschool education teacher with a FCE certificate)
  • Musical and rhythmic classes run by a music instructor from the Muzylek Moni Artistic Education Centre
  • Corrective gymnastics run by a teacher specialising in general and corrective gymnastics (and a swimming instructor)
  • Specialist assistance (psychological, speech therapy, pedagogical) in cooperation with therapists from the Cresco Non-Public Family and Child Development Psychological and Pedagogical Counselling Centre and the Pareo Speech Therapy Centre (Centrum Terapi Logo-Ped. Pareo)


The following classes are available at additional charge: PhD in accordance with the Montessori Method,  dancing, pottery. Other classes can also be organised in response to the needs and interests of children.