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The Montessori adventure

We must remember that the child’s idea of walking is quite different from ours (…)But the child is not trying to ‘get there’. All he wants is to walk, we must not try to make him keep up with us. It is we who must go at his pace.

Maria Montessori

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The Montessori adventure

Our offer is directed to parents who want to take advantage of the best available approach to the development of their children and who are searching for interesting and proven educational methods. With this group in mind, we organise special classes for children who attend other preschools, but would like to find out more about the Montessori Method. These classes consist of group activities held once a week in the afternoon. A one-hour workshop is run by teachers from our preschool. The aim of the workshop is to use Montessori teaching materials to broaden children’s knowledge of the world and natural phenomena as well as to improve their skills and competencies. The classes are held in a friendly atmosphere and in attractive surroundings.

The cost of a single workshop is 25 PLN, paid in advance for two months (8 workshops). To enrol a child for the workshops, please complete the workshop enrolment form and send it to us by e-mail or print it out and deliver it to our preschool. Please call us if you have any questions or need additional information. The number of participants in the workshops is limited.

Please join us in our Montessori adventure! You are most welcome!

Adaptation classes

Parents who want to make starting preschool education easier for their children are welcome to participate in adaptation classes organised regularly in our preschool. A one-hour class is held once a week in the afternoon and two-year old children are welcome to join it. Parents are actively engaged in the process of adaptation and the process is customised to the individual needs of the child. The class is run by our preschool teachers. During the class, children are introduced to Montessori materials and to the principles that regulate small group interactions. The class is based on musical activities and games, dancing and singing songs.

During the class we pay a special attention to:

  • Creating positive social relations between participants
  • Developing communication competencies
  • Building a sense of security and developing self-esteem
  • Developing self-reliance and a capability for self-control
  • Building space for discovering the world through multi-sensorial experience
  • Stimulating children to acquire knowledge and to improve their skills
  • Supporting children with special needs and difficulties

To enrol a child in the adaptation classes, please complete the registration form for adaptation classes (available in the ‘Contact details and recruitment’ section) and send it to us by e-mail or print it out and deliver it to our preschool. The cost of a single class is 25 PLN and should be paid in advance to cover the whole semester. Please call us if you have any questions or need additional information. The number of participants in the adaptation classes is limited.
You are most welcome to join us!

Individual consultations

Individual revalidation classes for children with educational and communication difficulties can be organised if needed for children who do not attend our preschool. We can also organise activities for children with inquisitive minds who want to know more. Montessori materials enable preschool children to pursue their interests, broaden their knowledge and acquire new skills. We can also organise consultations and diagnose school readiness. Based on pedagogical analysis and diagnosis, we can assess the child’s readiness for starting primary school education. Consultations are possible with a preschool and early childhood pedagogue, a therapist specialising in development and education support for autistic children or a psychologist.